Art To Support Rescue


We are a 501 (C)(3) Tax Exempt all volunteer organization. We are in the process of looking for property to build our sanctuary and pet hospital in the Pacific Northwest. To help us reach this goal, I have done some art to sell.

The art is of endangered wildcats, owls and rescued animals.  The  proceeds go to our sanctuary. Someday I hope to have a pet hospital.

Kevin Nealon, the actor/comedian of SNL fame, was kind enough to do a character drawing of one of my fur-babies who was born without eyes. Kevin has graciously consented to allow me to have archival prints made and sell them to support my nonprofit.

100% of proceeds of BC will support Critter Folks sanctuary and pet hospital.
25% of sale price for this Scottish Wildcat Kitten will be sent to Scotland to support their efforts to save the Scottish Wildcat.
Gerda is a rare white lioness at Taigan Lion Park in Crimea. 25% of the sale price will be sent to Taigan Lion Park to help them save and protect these beautiful lions.
This is a Tiny Owl waiting for dinner to arrive. 100% of the proceeds will go towards our sanctuary and pet hospital.

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