Meet Us

Meet our residents. They are a unique group of misfits who have a safe place to call home. There are dwarfs, eyeless, geriatric, neurologically challenged and FIV felines. We have a few that could not be adopted due to age and behavioral issues.

Kelly Kitty came from a rental where the people were being evicted. She technically has eyes but they are so deformed, she is blind. To prevent her from being euthanized, a rescue group getting the cats out of the rental property contacted me. Kelly was feral, no eyes and I was told she was spayed. A matter of weeks later she gave birth to a kitten. He was named Tevyn but was born with congenital birth defects and lived only eight weeks. Kelly was then spayed. 

One of the dwarfs is GinGin. She was wandering on the property of a dog trainer who worked to rehabilitate viscous dogs. To save her from being killed by the dogs, she got GinGin to one of our board of directors. She had her vet make a guesstimate as to the age of this small kitten. The vet speculated she was maybe nine months old. Well, the was more like a year old and fully grown at four pounds, eight inches long and seven inches tall. About the size of a kitten of abut four months old. She has been with us for three years now and is a handful of energy and fun.


Sputnik is a character with extremely bad vision/neurological coordination. He has the worst aim, can not jump up onto something high, runs into walls, leaps into the air when he thinks he saw something in his peripheral vision and is a clown in general. he came as a tiny kitten whose lost three of his siblings from congenital birth defects. He has one surviving sibling and his mother, both adopted successfully to a wonderful home. Sputnik earns his name – fellow traveler.  He and GinGin have formed a coalition to create havoc. And they love it too.  

Nicky is a horse rescued in 2006 as a yearling. She couldn’t walk 25 feet without resting. She was saved from a slaughter lot.