Good Things For Fur Kids

One of the compliments I have received from veterinarians has been how well the cats have recovered with good weight. The question is always what I was feeding these rescues. I explain I supplement the commercial foods with a lot of home cooked. It’s cheaper and far more healthier then a lot of the commercial foods.

I am sharing some recipes. They are tried and true, vet impressed and approved and in many cases you can also enjoy with your fur kids. I’ll try to do a nutritional and cost breakdown. They will be approximations based on public information.

Herbed Chicken

My beginning recipe is a tried and true, even people like it chicken dish. I buy a ten pound frozen bag of frozen chicken hind quarters at a local employee owned store called Winco. The ten pounds is currently (Feb 2023) $7, that makes it seventy cents a pound. I add hernbs that are healthy for the cats and people.

3 hind quarters

1 quart water

1 tablespoon basil

1/4th teaspoon salt

1/4th teaspoon white pepper

1/2 teaspoon turmeric

1 teaspoon parsley optional

Cook in slow cooker or on stove top. I prefer to use the slow cooker and it will cook all night. Cook until the meat falls from the bones. Use the broth to cook rice in and to feed as a drink treat for  the fur kids.

I have an area of the yard set aside with tires stacked. I toss the bones into the tires and added dirt, alfalfa pellets, wood pellets or sawdust. The bones break down over time and become a great soil. the longer you cook the chicken, the softer the bones will get and break down quicker.

A Cheap Yet Long Lived Toy

I recycle as much as possible. One thing I have found that saves money and recycles something is my old socks. I take them and tie them together. They form a knot with tails on each end.  Then I scatter catnip on them. Depending on the sock, I can make large knots for the rescued dog or a small ones for the cats. They can go into the wash to be reused for years and generations of animals.  In the end and they are cotton, they can be composted to become one with the soil.